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About Us

We combine speciality in accountancy and finance, company law, commercial law, labour law, immigration law, real-estate and other related areas. We have experience working with international partners and clients from different business sectors.

Our approach has always been looking for a mutual benefit. Sharing our expertise at any point you need it makes any goal closer and easily achievable. We can be your right hand during the initial steps of your business, your advisor while you're relocating your company to the Republic of Bulgaria, your representantive in front of any local authorities, your guide in renting or buying a local property and more.

Business Meeting

Our Process

For us coordination, reliability and trust are the only solid pillars of a good business relationship. Therefore, our work process is organised around those three values which we're determined to keep in our business dealings.

For opening a discussion with us please contact us for an introductory call. There we will discuss points as where are you based, which industry you're coming from and what is your goal.


Key Benefits

from our joint efforts

  • Full support and back up from our experts every step of the way.

  • Assurance that your dealings will be legally compliant and according to the latest requirements and standards.

  • Comfort that you will be connected with locals with an already established professional network.

Financial Analyst

Our Quality Guarantee

We're firm believers in quality over quantity; and in action over words. We do not appreciate when One claims to be the best, so we don't do so ourselves.

What we are comfortable claiming about though is our high level of professionalism and work competence, which has proven with the years. We combine speciality in various legal and accountancy areas, combined with solid local business network and great image. Our international exposure in many of our work affairs has given us the flexibility in our communication and it is our greatest asset.

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