Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I move my business to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a great opportunity for relocating, developing or opening a new business. It is favourable destination with its lowest taxation rates within the European Union.

I am a foreigner. Can I open or relocate a business in Bulgaria?

Yes! Bulgaria encourages its business sector. Every foreigner can open, or relocate a company with the same rights as a regular citizen.

How long is the company registration process in Bulgaria?

After the point of having all required documentation ready, the registration takes approximately 14 days.

What is the minimum capital for opening a firm in Bulgaria?

The minimum reqiurement for initial capital is 2 BGN (1 EUR) for an LTD company.

Can I use my original foreign bank for depositing the initial capital for a new company?

No. You shall have a local bank account. This process and the related charges may be different depending on the bank you choose, but all requirements are easily manageable.

How much is the corporate tax in Bulgaria?

The corporate tax in Bulgaria is 10%.